• Anti-Reversal Latch for TM Series Ver.2/Ver.3
  • Anti-Reversal Latch for TM Series Ver.2/Ver.3


Material Stainless Steel Finish Hardening Heat Treated


Modify Anti-Reversal Latch for TM Series Ver.2/Ver.3

M16/ M4/ MP5/ G3 AK, AUG, G36, MP5K & SIG

 If you have the problems below, you should change your Anti-Reversal Latch...

  1. You lost the spring of the anti-reversal latch when you install your gearbox parts.
  2. You got hurt or nearly hurt by the unreleased AEG spring when you open your gearbox.


Modify Safety Anti-reversal Latch

The Modify Safety Anti-reversal Latch is designed not only to stop the AEG gears from reversing safely and efficiently but also to allow you to release your AEGs spring safely and quickly.

  • Precision machined of stainless steel and Hardening Heat Treated improve durability.
  • Special E-Ring prevents loss of the spring.
  • I-Shaped Groove on shaft allows AEGs spring release before the opening gearbox.



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This metal part is heat-treated.


Safe Increasing, Strength Increasing, Toughness Maximizing, Corrosion Resistance

What is Heat Treatment?

Heat treatment is the process of heating and cooling metals to achieve desired physical and mechanical properties through modification of their crystalline structure. The temperature, length of time, and rate of cooling after heat treatment will all impact properties dramatically. The most common reasons to heat treat include increasing strength or hardness, increasing toughness, improving ductility, and maximizing corrosion resistance.


Q1: Anti reversal latch importance?

The Anti-Reversal Latch is a very important part of the AEG gearbox. This part engages the ratchet teeth on the bevel gear in order to stop your AEG gears from reversing when the motor is off and causing damage to your motor or battery.


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